If I was a woman

Step 1: Learn some kick-ass martial arts skills. Great to defend myself. Gonna need it, defending myself is an important skill to have. Even if you don’t plan to get physical, when you have the confidence to kick ass, you’ll carry yourself better and you don’t get angry or agitated quickly.

Step 2: Enjoy the free stuff and favors I can get. I don’t have pride as a man, I doubt I’d have pride as a woman. As a guy, I‘m jealous of all the things a girl can get away doing. Yes, yes I know about the stuff woman struggle with in the workplace and stuff, but I just really want my free drinks at the bar dammit.

Step 3: Make sure I have a group of close girlfriends. I remember in my teens, every once in a while I’d meet a girl who’d always hang with guys and had little girlfriends. Almost always they’d give a reason like “I can’t really mix with girls, cos girls have too much drama”, BUT almost always it turns out that they are the ones with too much drama, and they probably can’t handle other girls drama, because they got a lot of personal drama already. Gawd, so much drama O.O

Through experience I have seen that these girls learn to chill as they get older, and they end up having a close group of girlfriends anyways.

In conclusion, a small group of girls is probably the best thing to keep your drama in check, cos the guys are probably just gonna ignore your shit, while the girls might actually help you deal with the shitty shit and solve those inner problemos ;)

In the end though, I’d much rather be a guy, just because I don’t want to bleed out of my privates every month. Thank you very much :)