Bag of Thoughts

A bag of thoughts we are
a tiny little star
sweltering pot
a burning core at its heart 
likes and dislikes
ambitions and idiosyncracies
philosophies, glued together 
in a weak concoction of will
A sphere of influence around 
we hold close ones
As we journey through space, 
carrying our identities
our baggage 
in a journey called life
People come by, simering plasma like us,
held together by their will
Some graze by, 
some hit the core and are shattered away
some spin off near the tangent
some fear to get close
watching from a distance 
our burning embers
but some do
some do stay with us all along
within the sphere of influence around 
sharing their warmth
tolerating our tidbits
and we see the world together
as we pass by 
boiling together
sharing ideologies
shaping each other
through memories
What’s within you
What’s around you..

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