The Battle

Life couldn't have gotten worse. With every minute of the day that passed, the tiny specks of hope disappeared and the reason to go on faded into the lightest shade. It wasn't the poverty that had sneaked into his life like an uninvited guest, that bothered him. It was the disease that had crept into his body..the disease that was slowly and painfully taking control of his every cell, growing and capturing every part of him, smothering his soul, choking his defeated mind. It was the solitude, the loneliness, the boredom caused due to his current lack of a social life. There was no one to console him, no one to free him from the heavy chains that bound his heart. His idleness gradually increased his pain and decreased his vitality. His eyes that were once demanding and powerful, lit by a fiery flame..were now reduced to two dull glassy objects that merely stared blankly into empty space. His tear glands were tired and worn out. He was done crying. he’d realized it was worthless after-all. Why would he? Who was there to see him cry? Who cared if he was upset? No-one!! His sadness had transformed into utter disgust. He was fed up of his life. Tired. Frustrated.. But not sad..not anymore. He assumed he’d eventually get accustomed to his life that dragged on aimlessly; But he was wrong. As every second went on to pass like a million years, his anger only increased and unreasonable hatred poured into every section of his withering heart. All the countless virtues he had once possessed had begun falling out like the dry golden leaves from a shedding tree. He used to be a man of complete patience; but as fate crossed all possible limits and tested him with utmost cruelty, in the end his patience gave up and melted away into nothingness. His existence was as inanimate as the walls that surrounded him; But he could see and perceive, listen and interpret…there was a dwindling difference. The ceiling just stared back at him whenever he chose to open his eyes. He felt it was mocking his meaningless being. It was annoying and unbearable. The deafening silence was cramping his brain which drove him to near insanity. He hung onto a loose rotten thread and everyday the tiny fragments that held it together snapped one by one.

It was just peace that he escape route from his torturing world. He consistently searched for a reason to smile, racking his brain for one happy moment, but, his memory failed him. It wasn't just was impossible to distract himself from the turbid tension that he lived in. He tried everything. He even tried to sleep and shut out all his problems for a while…But the element of sleep had betrayed him long ago. He couldn't sleep.. he couldn't dream. The tiny blot of hope that lingered at the back of his head encouraged him, forced him to try and find a way out. He tried , but failed. Tried again, yet failed. An in-accomplishment was never one of his fears. He used to be a strong man; a humble winner and not once a sore loser. Still, lately failure immensely aggravated him. It was like a kick in the stomach and he clenched his wrists and bore the pain in silence as his soul screamed in agony.

Like other humanoids, he did not dread his death, whatever the cause maybe. He didn't fear it as it was a shortcut to peace, his much awaited salvation. All the same he did not believe in disposing it off on his own; He knew his life was a God-given gift…Although this gift had been exposed to slow yet poisonous destruction and inhuman atrocity by nature herself.

Every part of him wanted to give up, but his mind refused to surrender. He held on to his loose thread, and he held on tight. That tint of determination was all he was left with and he had mentally resolved to never let it go. So, everyday he tried, searched in every corner of his head for that piece of memory that he craved for. He tried to remember though his physical condition tried to obstruct him in many painful ways.It never came, but he’d decided not to give in to his suffering. He had to hold on with all his might. He shut his eyes, closed them tight. His eyes rolled beneath his eyelids as he tried to recollect…a minute later, like everyday he let out his breath in exasperation. All that work had worn him out. His chest rose and sank faster than it normally did. This was definitely not working. It just left him even more weary and drained by the end of the day. Suddenly, without warning a big drop of tear escaped the corner of his eye. It surprised him. It had been long since he’d felt his eyes go damp. And then it came. At first it was foggy,a smudged image..and then slowly, it all started becoming crystal clear. The image inside his head was in motion. It felt so real!..Like it was happening right before his eyes.

A gentle breeze lifted her hair and pushed it behind her perfectly round shoulders. Every lock of her chestnut hair was amazingly in place. She shook her head in a naughty manner and laughed. It sounded as musical and sweet as a song. She suppressed her giggles, paused and stood still like a portrait. Her twinkling eyes observed..watched,blinked and then she smiled. Her eyes smiled. He smiled. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. She was shy, she was pink. Then in one magical moment, time slowed down; She moved closer, shut her eyes and her rosy lips departed to mouth, “Yes”. It was unbelievable!! There was happiness and excitement. He was over-whelmed! All that could be pictured were her innocent eyes, her sweet smile, her wonderful wonderful face. She was a treasure! A priceless glimmering gem!

Right then her image froze. There was only darkness. He realized he was still smiling with the same amount of unbeatable joy in his heart. He opened his eyes gently. Black. He wondered if it was night. He blinked again, and again. It made no difference. It was pitch black. Just then, he felt relieved. He felt his pain drain out of him; He was at ease. He was falling into blinding darkness. There was peace. In a flash he realized..He knew what was happening,but somehow he wasn't ready. No. Not now. Why? He didn't know. It confused him. This was something he’d wanted since the day he’d tripped into misery. The thought made him restless. He sensed a wrongness and his inability to find the reason did not permit him to let go. He saw a grain of light at a distance. He was getting closer to it, and as he floated towards it, the dot just got bigger and bigger. No! Wait! He had to find out why! Why wasn't he ready? What was that one thing that was pulling him back? The faster the questions dug into his mind, the closer he got to the light; his speed increasing with every second. He had to stop this. He had to get back. There was something he was forgetting…something that he had to remember before he left the world behind. He had to take it with him! Time was running out. He was thinking fast. The light got larger until it was all he could see, brighter than ever! In that final moment…as the light dissolved him, something crashed into his head like a lightening bolt!! He saw it. Now he knew. It all happened at the same time, It all happened very fast. He’d gotten it back. That strand of memory. The light slowly engulfed every part of him. He was lost in thoughts…

She smiled. Her eyes smiled. He smiled. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. His heart was filled with ecstasy. That blissful instant, as peace and joy gripped his heart, as satisfaction flooded his mind; the thread he was holding onto, snapped, and he took off with silver wings. He was gone…and time, in all her glory, wept over the demise of a true warrior, who fought his callous and merciless destiny with hope and courage till the very end; and had emerged out of it all as a truly deserving winner!

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