and how the new features in Query Log Analyzer 1.0.2 support that

Since Neo4j version 4.0 the query log possibilities have been extended. Meanwhile version 1.0.2 of the query log analyzer was released.

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We will show how this release supports these new query logging features and how it is now possible to read the log files directly from the server.

Please note that Query Logging is only available in the Enterprise Edition. But that edition is available for free in Neo4j Desktop and for startups.

Quick Intro Query Log Analyzer

With the release of Neo4j 4.0 my ‘Graph Apps’ for the Neo4j Desktop needed an update. The new Neo4j version, is a very big update with a lot of new features. An important feature is multi-database where you can run more than one graph database on a Neo4j Server.

You can install both apps into Neo4j desktop from:

Query Log Analyzer 1.0.1

NODES 2019 presentation

With this new version the following new features are added:


The Neo4j version…

A tool to get a quick understanding of the data structures in your Neo4j Database.

Over the years working with Neo4j, I was creating small tools to help me to understand what kind of data a Neo4j database contains. I wanted to know what the label and relationships counts were in the database and which properties are there to give a good estimate, how a database will grow over time.

With the availability of Neo4j Desktop, I created a Neo4j Desktop App based on the small tools I used before called Analyze Database. While doing this I added two more tools. Live Count which counts all the Nodes per Label and Relationships per Relationship Type…

Make your slow cypher queries running fast

In this post I will explain about common causes of query performance degradation in the Neo4j server. This is a follow up on the Meet the Query Log Analyzer story earlier this week.

Query log Analyzer App in the Neo4j Desktop

The Query Log Analyzer App helps you to find quickly the slow queries on the Neo4j server.

Important Things To Remember About Cypher Execution

Analyzing Neo4j Query Log files on your Neo4j Desktop

The Query Log Analyzer is a Neo4j Desktop App to help you to understand the query log file of a Neo4j Enterprise server.

When you experience unexpected slowness of Neo4j, your queries may be inefficient or the query load on the server is too high. A good step is then to enable the query log via the neo4j.conf file.

# If the execution of query takes more time than this threshold,
# the query is logged. If set to zero then all queries

Normally you will set a threshold to log only…

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