Yup. I like to think about stuff.

Thinking about customer experience.

It’s kind of hard to come up with the why of the customer experience. In the end it doesn’t look customer centric at all, for instance. Do we actually want to deliver value with the product or service we sell? Do we want our customer to do things better, faster, easier or maybe not at all? Or do we want to keep them in the loop, milking them like cows; clinging on to them fleas?

Im not trying to compare groceries with a new mercedes, but for this instance I will. I get furious when I think about the experience I have on a “potential” buy of a car and get an experience that’s been practiced for decennia. Polished, refined, totally out of touch with reality.

Meanwhile all experience in the local supermarket got just as lost along the way. Yes they smile, ask for your bonusmiles, if you collect some kind of voucher for some kind of action, but true value (a connection, a smile, a hand with packing groceries) isnt there. Perhaps those things happen even more in the cheap end, then in the expensive shops. Yes pressure, yes declining sales. Do you really need a mirror?

None of the people connected to your business? Sure thing that’s a flag for me.

Now all those things happen in the physical world. Those experiences have non verbal communication to begin with, and that communication is key to where online customer experience will connect to as well. A companies ego reflects on social media. The people connected to your company on linkedin will show who and what you are. None of the people connected to your business? Sure thing that’s a flag for me.

Ignoring the massive DRIP campaigns, leave out the automated processes. I think we’ll have to do this one for ourselves. To care about every connection -big and small- and each touch point. Physical and in virtual space.

— I’m currently in the process to find out how to bring a SaaS startup to the next level in customer experience. Your comments are very welcome!

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