Are session recording tools a risk to internet privacy?

Internet privacy and more specifically, the use of session recording tools have been a hot debate in recent months. While regulators and industry leaders concern themselves with how marketers will use the recorded sessions collected from these tools, there are also concerns regarding the social and criminal impact of storing personal, privacy-sensitive data without the visitor knowing.

The prospect of said privacy-sensitive data being exposed or falling into the wrong hands as well as the fact that visitors often aren’t aware that it is being stored in the first place begs a number of different questions. Are there legal risks involved for companies that use session recording tools on their websites? Are such tools presently in line with Privacy Laws? How are these laws changing and what will be the consequences for businesses in the future?

In this article, Mopinion takes a closer look at session recording tools and what lies ahead. We will address what differentiates these tools from other online marketing tools, such as where they excel and where they fall short. Having consulted several privacy experts, including Frank Wijnans(Spokesperson of the Piratenpartij, member of the Pirate Parties International — PPI) and Arnoud Engelfriet (IT and Privacy Lawyer), we will also zoom in on the potential privacy risks and legal consequences of using such tools.

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