How to integrate user feedback data with Zapier (using Mopinion webhooks)

Kees Wolters
Jan 14 · 3 min read

Mopinion has teamed up with online automation tool Zapier to deliver quick and easy integrations between your Mopinion feedback data and various web applications. Thanks to Mopinion webhooks, the integration process is a breeze. Ready to start relaying your feedback data to all your favorite apps in real-time? We’re here to help. Mopinion has created a step by step ‘How to” for integrating your user feedback with Zapier.

But before we get started, let’s take a look at the importance of a connected app strategy, and explain more about Mopinion webhooks and Zapier.

The importance of having a connected app strategy

Gone are the days when businesses were forced to invest in expensive and colossal business application suites. Now it’s all about having a connected app strategy, meaning multiple apps that can integrate with one another.

Why? Having all of your apps intertwined can save your business a great deal of time. Rather that switching back and forth from dashboard to dashboard, you can have your data pushed to all your favorite applications, such as Salesforce and Mailchimp, enabling you to review and cross analyse data in one place. A connected app strategy can also indirectly boost customer experience and improve service levels as you will have more time and focus to cater to your customers.

What are Mopinion webhooks?

The Mopinion webhook system lets users easily integrate Mopinion feedback data with other applications by sending the data to application endpoints (or URL where feedback data will be sent to).

A webhook is a method (or architectural pattern) used to relay data to other applications as the data comes in, rather than polling for the latest updates.

Unlike an API which must poll frequently to retrieve data, Mopinion webhooks transfer live data to your application of choice each time an event meets your criteria. Criteria — in this case — could be a low score, feedback comments containing certain words, feedback from a specific device, browser or URL, etc.

For more information regarding Mopinion webhooks, check out this article.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows end users to integrate their web applications, and therefore automate workflows. This is done using what are known as Zaps, or blueprints for a task that you want to complete over and over without having to open apps separately. Additionally, Zapier offers a solution for incoming webhooks, which allows Mopinion webhooks (containing user feedback data) to be posted to the Zapier endpoint.

Step-by-Step: Integrating Mopinion webhooks with Zapier

To get the Mopinion software integrated with Zapier, there are four main steps you need to follow.

Keep reading here on the Mopinion blog.

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