to my amazing parents

mom and dad,

well I’m laying in bed listening to music, as usual, and I begin thinking about myself and how far I’ve come. the older and older I get, I start to realize all you actually do for me and I will forever be grateful for everything you do, big or small. I’ve never been really good with putting my feelings to words, especially if it’s trying to explain how thankful I am to have you as my parents.

growing up you always told me to do my best and even if I failed, you’d still be proud of me. all through elementary and middle school both of you pushed me each and every night to complete my homework or projects on time no matter how many times I said “I can’t do it” then got mad and stomped off. but look where I am now, freshman year is almost over, I have all honors classes and I’m doing great. so thank you for supporting me in everything I do. thanks for believing in me when I thought I couldn’t do it.

dad, thank you for always making me laugh even when laughing is the last thing on my mind. with your great sense of humor (that I inherited), you’ve always managed to get a laugh out of me. I could be mad at you for hours and you’d come downstairs with a snack and some goofy comment and I couldn’t help but smile no matter how badly I wanted to hold a grudge. I will forever love the little notes you used to leave in my lunch box and how every night you would sing Baby Blues by George Straight to me even if you messed up the lyrics every single time. you’ve always made sure I’m happy and you’ve never stopped rooting for me.

thank you mom for always protecting me. this is something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but thank you for grounding me when I did something wrong and making me learn from my mistakes. you’re always wanting to know what’s going on in my life, though sometimes I get annoyed, just know I’ll tell you when I’m ready. you always want me to text you when I get to where I’m going and when I’m headed home and even though I roll my eyes, it makes me happy to see how much you care because some kids parents don’t care where they go or how late they’re out. I know I complain a lot, but you have no idea how grateful I am that you always make sure I’m satisfied. you’re always running me here and running me there, but not for long because soon I’ll be driving ;) just know you truly mean so much to me and I know I don’t prove it especially when I spend hours downstairs on my phone instead of watching movies or talking to you.

I can only imagine how difficult it was and still is raising me. a grouchy, sensitive, stubborn teenager. but you should know that nothing you’ve ever done for me has gone unnoticed. I want you both to know how much you mean to me and as much as you get on my nerves (sorry), you’re the most important people in my life. the only ones that I know will never give up on me. I want to make you proud. I never want to let you down, which I know I have before. you’ve been here for me through it all, my sad times, my angry times and of course the good times. you’ve given me not only life, but an amazing life to be happy living.

being a kid, I realize that most things you do for me seem like I take it for granted. and I’m not gonna lie, I probably do at first. but it’s those times when I’m sitting upstairs watching mom cook dinner, or listening to dad make up his own lyrics to songs that I see how much you guys mean to me and how lost I’d be without you. there were those nights where I doubted myself, and you picked me back up and kept me going.

I love you mom and I love you dad, for never ever letting me down and always providing me with love and support. I’ll always be here for you, just like you’re always here for me.


mommys little girl & daddy’s little allstar

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