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Cameron Farney

My profile on Cameron Farney will focus on the impact that yoga has had on his life, and how it has played and continues to play a huge role in every situation or decision he makes.

Reno native Cameron Farney teaches three different styles of yoga, including Bikram, Vinyasa, and Yin. Teaching now for three years he bounces back and forth between two yoga studios in town, Juice Box, and Pure Yoga. Teaching between 10–12 classes a week Cameron expresses what a huge part of his life yoga has become. Taking his first class in Dec. of 2012 he discovered yoga was a passion of his. Starting off cleaning the Juice Box yoga studio twice a week, he worked his way up to becoming a desk recipient, and then finally becoming an instructor in Bikram yoga and Vinyasa yoga. Alongside being a full time yoga instructor, he also is a full time student at UNR where he is majoring in Biology. He wants to become a Physical Therapist and explained that because yoga has taught him to be self aware of the body, he believes being a Physical Therapist will only help further his knowledge and connection with the body.

Cameron went into detail about the different styles of yoga and explained that he has the most fun with Vinyasa yoga, because there’s many different postures and poses you can do with that style of yoga; vs. Bikram which is only 26 postures. Teaching at the only Bikram studio in town, Juice Box, he explained how intense it can be due to the high temperatures you encounter when doing this style of yoga. He believes any style of yoga should be something you encounter and come to on your own; As it is something you can go into at your own pace with no pressure or expectancy to be an expert.

Yoga has introduced Cameron to things in life he explained he would not have found without yoga. His general mindset is to obtain peace for himself, and with everything he does. In every situation he believes there is a peaceful path you can take and a non-peaceful path you can take. Yoga has taught him to love himself, his body, and to find love in others. He has become more compassionate and through his teachings he tries to help others find those things within themselves as well. He finds that the mind and body connection you learn from yoga can be found in other activities such as meditation and working out at the gym. When asked if he had an ultimate goal he wants to achieve through yoga his response was very eye opening. He said, “I’ve never really had goals with yoga, it’s something I just fell into and really liked it, and it’s something I enjoy doing everyday. I look at it, as it is kind of the same way as happiness. Happiness isn’t really a destination, or a goal but a way of living.” He explained in more detail that yoga is just a way of living, an endless process of achieving and maintaining everything it has taught him and continues to teach him.

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