The Top 8 Things I Loved About ‘The Martian’

8. Mark Watney is Chicago born and raised. He’s a die-hard Cubs fan. And the Cubs still suck.
7. The science. The book actually piqued some interest in botany! Also the depth of research is amazing.
6. The wonder of exploration. This and Interstellar have re-sparked my interest in the vast unknown of space. I’ve never felt ‘closer’ to Mars.
5. The writing style. IMO the books is at it’s best when Watney is writing his journal logs. It’s an easy to read, almost blog style.
4. The engineering. It really reminded me of my hectic (and exciting days) working at a small startup. (Sidebar — I find it interesting that the hero protagonist in Wool is also from engineering. It’s the age of the sexy hero engineer!)
3. Pacing. Once I started, I finished the book in a couple days. Never drags too much.
2. The Humor. Watney is such a smart a**.
1. Mark Watney, eternal optimist. He wakes up in the most hopeless situation. He makes mistakes. Life punches him in the face. And he takes it in stride and keeps surviving & engineering. We could all use a little more of that kind of gumption.

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