NUM, an insanely challenging math game

Kee Yen Yeo
Nov 6, 2018 · Unlisted

NUM is a challenging and addictive math game that I worked on as a side project with my friend a few years ago. He programmed the app while I am responsible for all the design related things such as designing the user interface, prototyping the animations, create the style of the app, the illustrations and more.

The main goal of this game is to make math fun and unlike many of the typical school assignment students received by focusing on training people’s basic mental calculation skill because we believe this is the most useful skill children and adults can utilize on their daily lives. The way the game works is the player will need to figure out what makes the result number from the given numbers like the example below.

Intuitive Gameplay

Giving the ability for players to solve the math problem however they like is crucial because everyone thinks differently that is why when designing the game play screen, I made sure we have an intuitive way of letting the players use different result number to achieve the solution just like this example on the left.

The home screen

One of the main purpose of the home screen beside providing clear direction on where to user should navigate to is provide a clear message on what the game is about. In our case, NUM is simple and playful math game. I also kept in mind that having a bigger screen doesn’t mean scaling up images but instead having more content.

The Tutorial Flow

In my opinion the best way to learn is by doing it so I decided to head in that direction when designing the tutorial flow of NUM. The tutorial of NUM shows and ask players to perform tasks in order to let them learn the game faster play actually playing it. The game also start right after the player finishes the tutorial that makes the transition from tutorial to actual game playing as seamless as possible. Below is a video of the tutorial flow.

More designs

NUM App Icon
NUM’s Landing Page
NUM on the Apple Watch

Thank you for your time, if you’re interested in NUM below are the links where you can learn more about it :)

Download NUM from the App Store



Here are some images on how we decided to make an Apple Watch app when it was announced, we learnt a lot about designing and building a watch app for the series 0 watch where there are many constraints. That was also my first time designing on a wearable medium. The 3rd image is us testing a new feature on NUM’s iPad app where it allows 2 players to compete how fast they can solve the math problem.

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