The Start to a New Journey

I remember the days, where I was captivated by the skills that coders possessed, as they frantically coded new softwares and created fascinating websites. I remember thinking to myself that I would never be able to develop such skills and it’s just not meant to be, well, “my kind of thing”. However, here I am today, taking on a 5-month long course entirely based on computer science, a type of science I never pictured myself signing up for.

The complexity of Computer Science

As I embarked on this new journey to enhance my learning to a greater level where my ideas would meet the future, I recognized the challenges I would face as a result of my lack of experience in the field. Unfortunately, not taking grade 11 computer science would come at a great disadvantage to me, since I was not able to build a strong foundation for the grade 12 course. However, this is a bump in the road that I am ready to overcome with the help of my classmates. The right group of people will allow me to grow significantly, while assisting me when needed. What else are friends for?

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