Things you should remember while driving in Iceland

Planning for Iceland trip? Then don’t forget to book your budget car rentals Iceland in advance. There is no question that renting a car is the best way to travel in Iceland. It is a country where traffic is not too much and you can easily drive to miles without seeing any other vehicle on the road. Here you can easily hire budget car rentals Iceland services and enjoy the benefits of complete traveling freedom to stop anywhere and stay for long hours as per your wish.
But while driving in Iceland try to restrain in yourself because beautiful sceneries and eternal natural beauty can easily distract your concentration. It really demands special attention when you are driving in narrow gravel roads, on way bridges and rouge. Therefore it is good to read about some primary traffic rules before you shift the gear and step on the accelerator.
Firstly you must know that right-hand traffic is followed in Iceland. Moreover there are specific speed limits for driving which are: 90 km/h on the highways, 30 to 50 km km/h for residential area and 80 km/h is allowed on good gravel roads. Drive carefully as accidents may happen due to lose of vehicle control while driving too fast on gravel roads.
Keep the below points in mind while driving in Iceland

•Blind rises

It is sure that you will encounter many blind rises while driving in remote areas of Iceland. You should slow down your car speed while driving near to blind rise and keep it to the right side of the road. Don’t do the mistake to halt the vehicle on top of or below a blind rise.
•Single land bridges

It is very common in Iceland. According to the rules vehicle first reaching the bridge has the first right to way.

•Buckle up

As per the Iceland law it is mandatory to use safety belts for all passengers seating in the vehicle (including front and back seats). It is just for safety point of view.

•Lights on

Whether it’s day or night keep the headlights turned on all the time while driving as per the rules.

•No drinking
Drinking and driving is prohibited in Iceland and they charge penalties for it.

•Drive with peace of mind

Slippery roads are major reason behind accidents in Iceland. Vehicle generally skids on ice or snow, therefore it is advised to leave good gap between your vehicle and other car standing in front of you while driving in such conditions.
•Stay informed
You can’t predict Iceland weather conditions so don’t forget to check the weather forecast before planning your trip or ask your car rental service provider.
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