Oct 7, 2016

9 min read

I Finally Updated PoopLog for Android

PoopLog 2.5 running on various Android devices: Clockwise from far-left: HTC Dream (first Android phone), LG Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 1, Moto G 1st Gen, HTC Magic, Alcatel Pop7 Tablet

This is the story of a tireless mobile developer meticulously working on a long overdue update to one of his beloved apps, PoopLog for Android.

PoopLog for Android on Google Play


A few of the emails received from my some of my users
PoopLog 0.5 on a Nexus One, PoopLog 2.0 on a Nexus S, & PoopLog 2.5 on a Nexus 5


Evolution of Poop Type Images

Day In, Day Out

Snippet of my Google Docs Master TODO List
A few of my “micro todos” that I create at the end of a coding session, telling myself how to start the next session.


Feature Creep Kills poster by Android Foundry


My Nexus 5 is shattered, but it still works!


PoopLog icon design throughout the years


PoopLog for Android on Google Play

android and full-stack web developer; everyday tech enthusiast; living in beautiful victoria, bc, canada

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