Yes, I wear lipstick to community college.

I woke up this morning with last night’s eyeliner smeared across the pillow and my love by my side, scrolling through one thing or the next on her phone. The cat was sleeping at the end of the bed in a furry heap. I needed to drop my love off at the courthouse in an hour and both of us were still undressed and in bed, with no real motivation to leave thanks to the sudden drop in temperature (good job, Idaho Octobers) and the clock ticking in our ears.

At long last, we dragged ourselves from the thick quilts and threw on some clothes. I started the car. No time for coffee this morning. My love put on some makeup. I tied my big black clodhoppers onto my feet. We headed out the door.

Car in reverse, gas station.

Freeway, road rage, laughed about it later.

Granola bar and a banana. Last kiss.

Car in reverse.

Time for coffee at long last.

I sat down at the coffee bar a whole eight dollars lighter and flipped through the local newspaper. I sipped my soy double shot. I wished I had brought my headphones.

Paid the rent on my phone.

Took a picture of my horoscope to read later when I was in need of some pick-me-up. My phone’s camera flipped to face me.

My eyeliner was still smeared down my cheek.

(laughed about it later)

I finished my coffee and took the back road to my college campus, driving an extra mile or so just to listen to the radio a little louder. I needed it this morning. Parked in a space near the front doors (I got lucky) and checked my phone.

Pulled the mirror down.

Should have makeup in here somewhere.

Liquid eyeliner and some old foundation. That’d cover up the dark circles.

Every time someone came by my car, I dropped the makeup. I was nervous. I was almost afraid that someone would….

That someone would what? Think less of me for putting my makeup on in the car? How many other people are ashamed of that kind of bullshit?

Yes, I wear makeup to school.

Stressful morning.

Sleepless night.

Love of my life.


And I have to deal with the cliches of community college?

Might as well look good while I kick some ass.

Don’t let your circumstances define you. Wear the lipstick. Paint your nails. Get a mohawk. It’s community college, for god’s sake. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Yes, I wear makeup to community college.


Because I like it. Nothing more.