Concluding Thoughts of Code2040

I’m a little late posting this but hey better late than never.

So I finished my summer of Code2040 and I must tell you it was the best experience of my life! I met so many great people, got some of the best mentors of my life, and gained another top notch family.

I realize that I don’t have the most conventional story of how I got to where I am but let me tell you I don’t think I would have successfully made the move to the valley without Code2040. I’m sure if you know me you think otherwise but let me tell you all the reasons you are wrong. I’ll give you an idea of what is against me in this field: I’m a female, I’m African American, I’m opinionated, I’m an androgynous dresser, and I attend an HBCU (Historically Black College or University). Now most people swear up and down that “Cali is so open and it shouldn’t matter”. Boy are those people wrong.

It is so hard to have the deck stacked against you without support in the Valley. I mean life in general is harder without support but in your industry it can be pretty soul crushing. Well if your young and ready to be reckless I highly suggest you apply to Code2040 or any fellowship. The support they have, the nice staff (yes they put up with me a bunch), the food, the network of top notch individuals in your age bracket (yes I longed for that), the randomness of Cali, and most importantly the safety net of taking chances.

I’m so thankful that I got the opportunity to work on the west coast and work at a startup of all places. I must say I learned not only about how I fit into this growing technology industry but also how I operate on my own. If there is one thing I can say “hit home” this entire summer it is was the “Be stupid while young” rule and now I can officially say I’ve done that even though I had a slight safety net.

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