Sometime during the month of October I decided to start learning Spanish again. It’s really not that surprising when you think about it. Back when I was young and energetic (3–4 year ago) I was studying Spanish. I got up to Spanish 3 in high school and then was a Spanish Minor my Freshman year.

What happened you might ask? Well the normal happened. I believed I needed to put all my time and effort into school, coding, and proving myself. As time progresses I’ve realized school is stressful, coding gets boring (I know shocking), and finally I don’t need to prove myself.

Now to answer the “why now?” question. I’m choosing now because I have nothing to lose. There is one piece of advice I heard over the summer that I think about all the time, “You all are young so mess up now and take big risk while it’s easier to recover. Once you start really getting into life with work, a spouse, kids, and more you can’t always afford to take those bigger risk.” the more I evaluate my day to day I can see that this advice was so right. Even at my age I’ve made some big risk that I’m really happy I took then and not now.

My timeline to complete this idea is by the age of 23 so I have until 2018. I’m going to go back to setting some basic things in my life to Spanish, read books, listening to music, and my favorite past time of watching telanovelas. I’m also going to try to take a personal trip to a Spanish speaking country and not speak English (unless I have to). In addition to these things that cater to my strengths I’d like to try to start writing.

If this works out correctly by the time I graduate in May I’ll have a whole post about the process I took in Spanish and English. I’m going to try to not use Google translator while writing because it makes me lazy. Well I pray this goes well, wish me luck! 😊

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