Official Summer Productive “Hacks”

This can also help with school as that has officially started back

I wrote about my journey to be productive earlier and I have to say a lot of things failed. So let’s refresh and then update (unless you want to read it then go here).

What I was doing:

Organized Desk: The desk was like heaven! When I sat at the desk I was instantly in work mode. Being able to shift mindset based on something small returned higher results than expected.

Taskpaper: I was using taskpaper as a dumping ground for my ideas. It was great! I would end every night and start every day with taskpaper open. I realize I’m bad at thinking of list like a real thing but when I just let my thought flow and fingers type, I get a nice little “daily” goal list.

Small Challenges: I started the challenges more to help me follow thought with finishing things. I start a bunch of projects and never finish them. I don’t want to be like that anymore because finishing things is really gratifying. I was doing pretty good on the challenges and then something changed. Not sure what that something was, but since I’ve been working on more apps and design I just started writing out “TODOs” and will work until there are none left.

What works now:

Notes: Every phone has a notes app (if you are using Google I suggest Google Keep) and for me it has been great to have the app right there. You should have notes readily available for ideas or writing out how you feel in the moment. I know some people like to carry a physical notebook. I am not really that person but I really like Code & Quill products.

The Gym: I guess this one is pretty common on list of rich and productive people. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week minimum because it is very relaxing. I’m not an expert but I do some light cardio and weightlifting to keep my size. The session length is at least 30mins and I know if it’s any longer that something was bothering me which helps me focus on what things I need to sort out.

Work vs Personal Separation: So I don’t have a desk at the moment as I’m moving but having locations that can get you to switch to/from work mode is great. I found going to a coffee shop and/or playing a certain playlist really helps me. Now this brings me to my next suggestion…

Music: Music and/or podcast are great for me to clear my mind. Podcast while traveling has been my new thing but then there is something about having a nice personal playlist to get my mind right. I have like 2 main playlist in my day to day, Workouts and Coding. The difference is the type of music that is played. High tempo, club, twerk, pre-gaming type of music goes on workout. Coding is more of a mix of everything. You won’t be too hype and you won’t be too bored.

EDC (Every Day Carry): EDC is probably over hyped by people BUT the idea seems to steam from minimalism. Basically you have your daily go-to tools which can include anything that you deem important. My edc includes my wallet, headphones, keys, backpack, a book or kindle, chargers, and laptop. Once I get a spare laptop charger that will stay in my bag as well but this is good for me. I picked up these important things through out school this last year and since the summer hit it has just become common.

I hope some of these ideas can help you if you would like to increase your productivity. Some of these habits were tested in different situations so I think these are helpful not just for freelancing/daily life but also for students. My hope is that by my return to school I am so solid in these habits that adding back in that stress has no chance of knocking me off my game.

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