Why Every Small Business Owners Should Have A Business Mentor To Enhance Growing Business and Increasing Profits

why entrepreneurs need mentors?

Why Entreprenuers Need A Mentor?

Are you Looking to fast Track your learning process and increase your chance of succeeding in your Home based business / small business?

Have you ever imagined how possible anyone can hit the ground running with a fantastic small business?

Should small business owners always consider the option of getting some small help to guarantee themselves to succeed.

Is it possible to gain greater success without the use of a business mentor, or having one increase your chances of achieving what you want significantly?

These are questions that most newbie entrepreneurs / small business owners or those struggling in their home based businesses should consider to ask themselves. From my own personal experience in this industry when I tried to save cost and do it all on my own, it was extremely hard and lost all my savings in buying dormant leads with poor telephone skills and eventually failed without making one single commission. Not until I finally found the right people who were interested as well as invested in my success that I started to get the results I was craving for.

Well, it is certainly possible for small business owners to get going by themselves, but the chances are they are going to be vastly more successful if they can follow the steps that have been laid out by someone who has a ready been there and done it. A good business mentor, with a good record will be able to provide you with the right training, system, coaching, and everything as you will need to reduce your learning curve and get you going as quickly as possible.

In addition to this, they will also be there at your side when you gain success and can thus celebrate with you. If you are feeling down and you have had a bad time and not quite seeing the results that you wish, they can be there to lift you up and give you advice as to how to progress. All of these will help you in your quest for success and seeing significant results in your small business or home based business.

If you as a small business owner fail to follow the help of someone who has already achieved success, it will certainly take you a lot longer time to get going, and this is simply a complete waste of time, money, and everything else just like it happened to me in the past during my time of ignorance. There is no point in trying to forge your own path if a part is already laid out in front of you.

Can Your Mentor Guarantee Your Success?

Of course not, getting the right training and everything else from your mentor will certainly not be enough to guarantee you success. It will only point you in the right direction, but you will need certain key attributes if you want to gain success yourself. For example, you will absolutely require motivation, determination and a willingness to never give up if you want to gain significant success in your small business.

Imagine This Analogy!

I will like you to see it from this point of view; imagine you want to travel on a journey to an unknown destination but a higher one; you definitely need a vehicle, a map as well as be ready to drive the vehicle or find a driver in case you are not skilled to drive the vehicle. What do you think will guarantee the success of the journey? The vehicle, the map or the driver? I think they all complement one another. The driver has to trust the intelligence and follow the guide of the map (nowadays it could be a satellite navigation system), and drive the vehicle to his desired destination. The morale of this analogy is that you are the driver, the small business opportunity is your vehicle while your business mentor is your map that will guide you to your destination. You must take advantage of both your small business opportunity and mentor.

Alongside this, it is crucial that you as a small business owner; is able to train your team or partners ie you must also aim to teach others what you have leant and in the process become a business mentor to others. Success in business comes from the strength of your team and therefore you need to be able to train them up to copy your activity and to emulate the success that you have achieved, much like you did with your own mentor. If you cannot do this, success will be much more hard to come by.

The Key attribute you require to be a good protege of a business Mentor are;

  1. Determination
  2. Motivation
  3. Willingness to Learn and Implement
  4. Willingness to Teach Others

However, if you do have these key attributes then there is no reason why you should not be able to gain significant levels of success in any small business opportunity you engage yourself in

Your Turn,

Having the right business help is an important ingredient to building a successful small business or home based business. To get the right training and mentoring that is going to allow you have massive success in your small business or home based business.

Remain Ever Blessed and Have fantastic time!

Yours in Success,

Kenny Olowu


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I am serial entrepreneur and a business solution provider. I basically help businesses generate more targeted paying customers in order to increase revenue

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Kenny Olowu

Kenny Olowu

I am serial entrepreneur and a business solution provider. I basically help businesses generate more targeted paying customers in order to increase revenue

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