What i learnt watching HBO’s “Becoming Buffet”

HBO produced a documentary on the life of Warren Buffet, the 3rd richest person in the world, worth $76.1 Billion.

The Documentary captured his day to day life with insightful interviews with his children and friends. His relationship with his family seems like the only chink in the armour of a man who embodies patience.

The three major lessons i gained watching the documentary:

  1. “If you know why you’re doing, what you’re doing, then that’s good enough.”

Everyone should have their own compass. The “Why” is more important than the “What”

2. The Famous rules of making money.

“Rule no. 1- never lose money
Rule no. 2- never forget rule no. 1”

the rules are very simple. As long as your expenses are less than your income, you’re good.

3. “Defining what your game is, where you’re going to have an edge is enormously important”

What is your Unique Selling Point? What makes you or your product different? Focus on your strengths.

4. “You can’t be emotional in business”

You’ve got to be focused. You’re not running a charity.

Interested on what lessons you got from watching the documentary.