Important reasons why phishing and ransomware are so successful today:

• Email (through links and attachments in email messages) is the conduit through which phishing attacks are sent to users. Users receive a lot of messages making it a little bit difficult to scrutinise phishing.

• Hackers are getting better at creating content that can fool users and bypass detection technologies. The use of logos, professionally crafted messages, and personalization of content make phishing attempts more believable, and so potential victims are more likely to click on the links and attachments contained within them. They have finance and time on their hand to craft almost similar copies of legitimate messages and websites.

• Many users share too much information through social media, which provides Hackers with information they can use to create personalized and more believable/harder-to-detect email messages.

• Some anti-phishing and anti-ransomware solutions are not backed up with a sufficiently robust database of real-time messaging intelligence, and so can fail to detect the latest techniques used by phishers and ransomware authors.

Many users receive inadequate training about phishing and ransomware, as well as best practices in dealing with unknown threats. Many users are also not sufficiently skeptical when it comes to receiving requests to do things like transfer funds, open attachments or provide sensitive information.