My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

Woah!!!, How time flies, Its week 1 day 4 at the Andela cycle 28 boot camp, Tomorrow is the last day of the week one boot camp which is going to determine those who would be making it to the second week of the boot camp I’ve had such an amazing experience, so I would be writing about my experience at the 
Andela so aspiring Andelans could also gain from my experience.

I could remember vividly my first day at the Andela cycle 28 boot camp, I remember getting to the boot camp facility late on that fateful day. Then I wasn’t used to the Lagos lifestyle, despite the fact I left home early, I still got stuck up in the Heavy traffic of the ever-busy Lagos state.

Like I said in my previous post, how Andela has really improved my relationship with people, I was able to adapt by scoting with a friend living close to the boot camp venue, so it was easy for me going to the boot camp venue through the home-session day.

I believe and also know that Andela fellowship isn’t an easy ride, I do get to the boot camp venue between 7:00 AM to 7:30 Am and leave as late as 10: OOPM at nights. So I could meet up with the daily output deadline and also make research on my project. There are times you don’t remember eating until its late.

The journey might be tough, but seeing fellow colleagues also staying late at night is kind of fun, amidst some challenges or bugs we crack jokes sometimes just to keep the boot camp space alive.

One of the things I learned during the boot camp was never assumed you know how to do something unless you practice it, which really affected me and slow down my project. When the project specs were sent to us during the pre-boot camp week, I saw that the specs have changed. We were asked to use in dummy data memory as the database for the second week, So I assume I know JSON objects with array manipulation so I felt relax. On starting the project on day 3 which is yesterday, I realize I need to understand the concept very well. All thanks to some of my colleagues and the use of documentation for putting me through, I hope and would make sure to finish all of my API routes by tomorrow which means another sleepless night.

I don’t really like reading documentation I prefer going through tutorials but on getting to the boot camp I was forced by bugs to read documentation and use StackOverflow, which is a great site when it comes to bugs or error messages.

All thanks to the organizer of the boot camp for making me go through such an amazing experience