Final Post

Now that you have completed this course, look back through your writing. Write a post about which topic opened your eyes the most or has the most potential to change your instruction or classroom going forward.

There were a few posts I really enjoyed learning more about and look forward to trying some things in my classroom.

First, I liked learning about how in Finland, teachers teach for 45 minutes, then students get a 15 minute break. I want to use this technique in my classroom. I hope to teach the lesson and spend the last 10 to 15 minutes of class playing heads-up 7-up or taking a walk around the school. Something simple that lets them have a mental, social, and physical break.

Second, I had lots of good comments on my post about being a connected educator. I am not starting a classroom blog, but I might start twitter again, at least to follow and stay up to date with other educators and new things to try.

Last, I will be using my classroom design research as I start moving into my new classroom. I will buy some fake plants and light filters, create learning zones and offer lots of seating choices.

Overall, it was really neat being able to think about one topic, do some research and learn more about it. It helped me weed through some of those “buzzwords” that I’m sure will come up in beginning of the year teacher in-service. I think I’ll spend less time on fidgets and genius hour, and more time on homework routines and adding in play. Now that I’ve done some basic research, I can back those decisions up and explain why. I would hope I can continue to add to this blog throughout the school year, even if it’s just once a month.

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