If you’re thinking about undergoing a Design Career.

My story goes like this… I was studying Visual & media communications Courses and soon discovered I was intrigued by graphic design. So I fell in love with this craft. However, when I was a newbie, nobody told me how hard this job really is. They all portrayed this cool guy who works with a computer and designs all day and gets paid.
Later on when I started working at a local Print Company to a Full Design/Marketing Agency, I saw what design really means. It’s made up of two worlds. One is the actual design process and the other is the business side.

After embarking on my own journey as a Design Consultant,Design Director and Creative Entrepreneur. I had to learn everything about the business from the ground up. And still, after all these little years, I’m still learning day in, day out.

The point I was trying to say is this… if you’re thinking about undergoing a Design Career (either at an Agency or by yourself) be sure to learn about business first, while you’re studying. It will save you a ton of time and headaches later. Finally, I really love both worlds, creating great designs and doing business.

Thanks for reading a piece of my story :) Keifer Simpson ( Creative Entrepreneur )