Eva’s perspective

Denmark seems brilliant for little’uns. Our apartment has a play park in the garden, and there are so many nice places to take her.

We’ve been on a tour of all the local playgrounds and to Tivoli again and in general it seems easier to spend lots of time outdoors. Perhaps this is just because it is almost summer though.

Local park:


Outside our apartment:

No she didn’t draw all those pictures! But all the toys are communal which is great.

It’s also true that the Danes really do leave their sleeping babies outside cafes and shops…I haven’t gone full Danish yet, but I am thinking of getting Eva an all-in-one rain outfit and a Scandi style balaclava so she’ll fit in better :-)

I’ve been meeting some other expat mums too as it’s pretty weird being a stay-at-home mum for a bit…need some adult company!


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