It's not about the food.

Keira McCredie
Jul 19, 2017 · 3 min read

There are certain things we put into our body that instantly have an effect on how we feel. Everyone knows that god awful feeling of waking up after a food or alcohol binge- the self loathing, the negative self talk because well, you feel like crap, and someone needs to be punished for it. Might as well blame yourself, your lack of willpower and self control.

I used to do what most still do- sooth the pain with an elaborate future action plan. Juice cleanse, 30 days paleo, low carb? Or how about vegan? Better remove all alcohol too. That restriction mindset? Its like you set yourself a timeout from any pleasure with food in hopes that it will discipline your ass.

Here’s the thing- We know when we feel like crap, but often trace it to the wrong things. We focus on the behaviour itself, and fail to look at what triggered the behaviour.

When we find ourself taking those negative, good for nothing actions (actually it felt great in the moment..) however we self profess, going forward we will NEVER do any of it again (or at least for awhile) and instead stick to a carefully calculated plan. Not yet having proof that we can muster up the willpower to stick to it.. But hey, it soothes the un-comfort we are experiencing in the moment, and we’re convinced we will make perfect decisions in the future.

You see, we binge on negative actions and try to fix it by binging on future positive plans. Is anyone else picking up that this whole cycle DOES NOT in fact work??

I believe our obsession over fixing our behaviour, what we eat and what our bodies look like, is our biggest form of procrastination. It costs us time and energy that we could be putting into other areas of our life.

We spend over $60,000,000,000 to lose weight, every year- that’s sixty BILLION dollars! What if instead we shifted from trying to lose and instead invested our money in areas where we could gain? Fulfillment- hobbies, self development, experiences with the opportunity to connect, support?

These are all opportunities for you to add more into your life. And adding more fulfillment will have a bigger impact on your life than consuming some green juice or staying on that diet for 30 days. By adding in more fulfilling activities, you will naturally weed out the negative behaviour. Therefore dropping the need to make elaborate future restrictive plans.

This is why I’ve made health coaching as simple as possible- I give people the tools to make healthy eating simple and effortless today, so they can put energy into more inspiring areas of their life.

You see, it’s not about the food, it’s never about just the food or your body or your finances, or whatever it is your working so desperately hard to change.

It’s about something way greater- The reason nothing seems to fix you, is because you have nothing to fix and instead everything to gain.

By tuning in and asking yourself, in what ways can I feel more fulfilled?

More inspired? More confident? More connected? More like myself?

When you answer these questions you will have clarity to move forward and take inspired action like never before, because of the excitement that comes from adding and creating vs. restricting and fixing.