Let me start this off: I’m not really good at math. This is a post about math. Cool? Cool.

There’s a thing called Voronoi diagrams. You take a plane, define points onto it, and map regions onto it to ensure the most efficient coverage or… something like that. Any given arbitrary point on the plane will be in a region that belongs to the closest defined point.

Also, they look really cool. True story, I learned about Voronoi diagrams from xscreensaver.

They’re the brainchild of Dr. Georgy Voronoy, though the concept predates him by a bit. The modern mathematical definition is his.

Because we’re a bunch of phone nerds, a few friends and I…

Or, did you even bother to ask a lawyer to proofread your vomit?

Yeah, as expected, FPIW et al went and synthesized the failed bathroom bills into an intiative. Or “Just Want Privacy” as their newest front group is called.

Anyway here’s the text of the initiative. It’s actually kind of hilarious when you rip it apart, if not for the violence that will result from the politicking in favor.

I am not a lawyer and all that.

We don’t know what number it’ll have yet, it actually has five under different names and I guess they’ll pick the one they think plays best. Or they’re gearing up for a legal challenge on…

Is it really a “joke” if it’s indistinguishable from transphobic politicking?

content warning: transphobia

Deadpool, 2016: “You’re a bit strong for a lady. I’m calling wang.”

Transphobes trying to legalize discrimination, 2016: “I speak from experience when I say that some transgender people who come into those facilities are rather large men.

Zoolander 2, 2016: (upon being whipped by the film’s parodic nonbinary character) “Hot dog, definitely a hot dog”

Transphobes trying to legalize discrminiation, 2016: “Did you actually go to Olympia on Monday and witness some of the mean, angry looking 6 foot tall 200+lbs MTF trans people there?

There’s so much more. From Nip/Tuck to NCIS, Cake Boss to…

and Multi-Frequency Trunk Signaling

Consider this a followup to my previous doc on Revertive Pulsing.

I wrote this up for the Museum of Communications in Seattle, WA, and a teletyped (y’know, for authenticity) copy lives on the No. 1 Crossbar test board right above the speaker hooked up to the internal trunk (so you can hear MF).

Panel and crossbar senders used an encoding known as two-out-of-five. This represented each digit from 0 to 9 as two bits set in a five bit word. The five bits of 2-out-of-5 represented, respectively, 0, 1, 2, 4, and 7. …

I’m quoting selections from a MyNorthwest.com article, because I want to highlight particular testimony:

MacLurg opposes the commission’s stance and wants the bill approved. He owns Thrive Fitness in Lacey […]

“…part of my job is to make sure I maintain an environment where everyone feels comfortable. Before this rule was in place, the law allowed me to use my best judgment. Now I have no protection from the law,” MacLurg said, noting that he has already had a member cancel his membership because of the transgender issue.

And his testimony was full of more of the same as everyone…

In 2006, the state legislature expanded the Washington State Law Against Discrimination (WLAD — RCW 49.60) to protect transgender people.

Then nothing happened for a while.

Now, I say nothing, but there were minor incidents — Evergreen State College famously stood behind a transgender student against some kids who tried to slander her (after being somewhere they weren’t allowed anyway). I think some gym was briefly in the news after changing their policy to conform.

Anyway, in 2015 the YMCA of Pierce County (others were already quietly compliant) made the news and I honestly don’t remember whether they faced legal…

Or, how to think like your great-grandparent the electrical engineer

I went looking for this information before writing this. There are plenty of sites that will tell you revertive pulsing is a method of trunk signaling where the terminating office sends pulses to the originating office rather than the originating office sending pulses the other way. You might find some talk of it selecting brushes and groups.

The best description I could work out, the most detailed, was that revertive pulsing is a system where if you are the originating office, the terminating office winks at you repeatedly until you flash it. While ridiculous, this is sort of accurate.


Take a deep breath. Nobody is banned. The very articles you’re reading with headlines that claim drag queens are banned very clearly state that drag queens are not banned.

The actual story is not that exciting. All organizations have criteria for selecting performers, and Free Pride Glasgow is no exception.

Let’s talk about what actually happened.

It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: what do you get when you add Cisco and OpenDNS?

It’s a weird acquisition. Cisco is in the DNS space, to be buzzwordy. They already sell DNS products, but they’re really not Cisco’s core business. It’s not like they’re getting any new “put this thing in your network to make it better” product out of OpenDNS.

What you get is a lot of confused people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the free service starts to degrade, too, but we’ll see. Anyway, as usual, blame capitalism — or more specifically, the stock market.

OpenDNS started offering a commercial service a few years ago. Y’know, other than advertising on NXDOMAIN hijack pages…

(usefulness not guaranteed)

Seattle, being a relatively young city, has a layout that was at least moderately engineered (sort of), so we’re on a grid system. This makes it pretty easy to locate addresses if you have an idea of where the grid boundaries (like a meridian) are. Also, all streets run east to west and all avenues run north to south (more or less). All E/W streets get a prefix direction (E Pike St) and N/S streets get a suffix direction (23rd Ave E) — these two rules are actually reliable, but for crooked streets they may only help understand how they…


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