Transphobic jokes in media matter

Is it really a “joke” if it’s indistinguishable from transphobic politicking?

content warning: transphobia

Deadpool, 2016: “You’re a bit strong for a lady. I’m calling wang.”

Transphobes trying to legalize discrimination, 2016: “I speak from experience when I say that some transgender people who come into those facilities are rather large men.

Zoolander 2, 2016: (upon being whipped by the film’s parodic nonbinary character) “Hot dog, definitely a hot dog”

Transphobes trying to legalize discrminiation, 2016: “Did you actually go to Olympia on Monday and witness some of the mean, angry looking 6 foot tall 200+lbs MTF trans people there?

There’s so much more. From Nip/Tuck to NCIS, Cake Boss to The Office, you can’t get away from transphobia in media. It’s nearly always played for laughs, by way of the schadenfreude a cis audience is supposed to feel towards cis characters. Not because it’s meant to be portrayed as outdated and backwards — because the audience is expected to agree.

And so they do, and here we are.

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