Felt That I read “How will You Measure Your Life”

This book was written Clayton Christensen who is known written “The Innovator’s Dilemma”. this book introduces some methods for living through the happiest life. I will tell you felt that I read this book.

How should we find out works we feel happy

I’m in university master class and I will get into a company on next summer. I was having second thoughts about how should I decide a company makes me happy. And I decide to choice a company by treatment — for example, salary, good office, welfare…etc. Of course it includes things I want to do and I am good at. I trusted I would happy by enough salary. Because enough many make a free to make some choices. I still trust this. But that is not all. According this book, treatment is “Hygiene factors”. We are not satisfied by not filling Hygiene factors. But, We are not satisfied when we are filled by Hygiene factors yet. We are satisfied by filling “Motivation factors”: worthwhile job, evaluation by others, responsibility, growth my self.

Make a choice by what make us tick

I am a engineer in venture. I love engineerings and I would like to make people happy by things I create. This is my Motivation factors. I was good to read this book at this timing. This book gave me good methods to make a choice about my life.

I will make a choice by motivating my self.

Thank you for reading my article.