Your job is not to entertain the opinions of others, it’s to speak truth from data

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An example of how to make Python’s XGBoost easily work in R

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It’s now really easy to use both languages together to get the best results

Boss your reporting workflow through automating Powerpoint generation

Plug dplyr into basically anything to perform batch tasks in a single command

  1. Run many different models to assess which one has…

With examples in R and Python

The general principles and process of hypothesis testing

How many people that use this term actually understand what it means?

Hypothesis testing

How to move fluidly between R and Python in the same project or document

  1. It will allow you to code in your native language but bring in features that might exist only in the other language.
  2. It will allow you to directly collaborate fluidly with a colleague who programs in the other language.
  3. It will give you the…

R Markdown is more versatile than you might think

1. Parameterizing documents

She would use tidymodels

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