So you’re new to startups…

Periodically I help a friend transition from the medical or legal field to a tech startup. So I send them this list and even though it’s not nearly enough information, it’s enough that they can start learning on their own and start to ask really good questions.

Peter Thiel ran a startup class a while back and these online notes were fantastic and later turned into a book. I’ve tried going through the book but it’s mostly a long-form duplicate of the notes so I prefer those. The content is fairly high level and thought provoking.

Sam Altman from Y Combinator ran a startup class at Stanford which covers much the standard advice that they give to startups at YC. And all the lectures are on youtube. Unlike the previous course, this has practical advice with respect to compensation, hiring, incorporation, and so on.

First Search is a live feed of the best startup posts and it’s searchable. Lots of great info indexed there.

If you’re coming from a large company, The Innovator’s Dilemma illustrates some of the key differences between an established company and a newcomer or startup. If you notice people using the term disruption a lot it’s because this is a very popular book.

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