Peter Thiel’s plan to become CEO of America
Samuel Hammond

Excellent article. The part I think you are missing is that (IMHO) Trump has tapped into an inchoate but very deep vein of not well articulated disgust and opposition to our US government as it is currently managed.Trump has neither the temperament nor the ability to sort the world into the ideological frameworks you put forth. As for Thiel, I don’t know enough about his writing or his thinking to comment. When government software, as you described, but also as another example, the many government built health insurance portals, simply does not work, and when a bridge takes seven years, or in many cases, forever, many people have a gut reaction that the system doesn’t work. When you add to this paralysis the extraordinary incomes and power of the nomenklatura (think Huma Abeydin drawing two full-time salaries plus two consulting gigs simultaneously, with the explicit approval of Obama’s State Department), people who are struggling, and declining, lash out. Thiel has made a number of things actually happen, and seems to feel that Trump may well be the best conduit for the system to be truly disrupted — 35% to 42% of the entire US population agree with him, making the Hobson’s choice to elect such a terrible man as trade-off with actually changing/improving the path of our beloved nation. NOTE: I am not a Trump supporter, but this is how I see the phenomenon (with some xenophobia, misogyny, and good old American know-nothing-ism thrown in).

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