On Y Combinator’s Defense of Peter Thiel
Jason Putorti

First, a quibble: Thiel did not “bankrupt” a media company — a judgment delivered by a US court did that. As for Thiel’s writings on women’s vote being bad for our democracy, I am not familiar with them, but many people have ideas that you and I may consider stupid or wrong-headed, and that doesn’t IMHO justify a campaign of ostracism. You mention Trump’s horrific and indefensible words and deeds as a major party nominee as validating rape culture, and I have to disagree — I am not seeing any validation there except among the Trump faithful.

It is still a mostly free country, and anyone, individually or collectively, can campaign to ostracize whomever they want, but by the same token, others can call out that behavior as limiting and sub-optimal.

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