DeVos v. Blaine
Peg Tyre

First, I must state my own bias in favor of just about everything that this article is against.

Second, I am always amazed how on message these articles manage to stay, kind of seems like some sort of serious coordination is occurring.

Third, I don’t exactly understand why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would give money to support this kind of expression, when the AFT and NEA spend millions to craft pieces that are interchangeable word for word.

Fourth, it is amazing to see the Blaine Amendment described as a bulwark of separation of church and state, certainly a remarkable take on this anti-Catholic law.

Fifth, to describe the outcomes of various voucher programs as “deeply mixed to negative” is amusing, underscored by a link to NEA funded research working desperately to characterize these programs as such. The actual outcomes are at least highly appealing to the user populations, as there are long waiting lists to gain entry to vouchers. Apparently they didn’t read the research findings.

Sixth, the school choice movement has existed for the past thirty years or so, and the changes have been resisted by the status quo, to the point where a serious re-vamping of education is going to take at least another fifty years. Its advocates justify their actions by claiming to represent low income and minority families, but it is exactly these families who will have the hardest time availing themselves of ad hoc solutions available for more affluent families, such as charter schools, online schools, home schooling, and private schools.

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