Up and coming expert UX designer and future millionaire…Keith Bull

Hello, my name is Keith Bull. I’m an artist, designer, pumpkin pie addict, and future millionaire. I’ve been an artist since I was young, drawing and painting every day, and lately I’ve been getting into digital art. I’m studying at General Assembly with goals of becoming an expert UX designer, which could also help me on my path of becoming a millionaire. Some[small minded people] say I’m cocky and that my goals are too big, but I’m convinced that I, and anyone who works hard enough, can do whatever they want.

How did I decide I wanted to be a UX designer?

I love to do so many things and because of that it made it very hard for me to figure out what career I wanted to go into. I have worked three different jobs without quitting a single one. I’m a counter in the Chase club at MetLife stadium, umpire for USABL and custodian in a Staten island junior high school. Being a custodian comes with great pay and benefits, but it’s just not what I want to do as a career.

I worried everyday of college, stressing out because I was getting closer to graduation and I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I hoped that whatever I did wouldn’t have me stuck in a boring, lonely cubicle all day. I was working towards a business degree in sports marketing, with ideas of designing advertisements for different teams and companies, but I feared that it would definitely have me stuck in that lonely cubicle.

During this time I was designing ideas for album covers, clothing companies, websites and applications whenever I had free time. I talked to a friend in one of my classes about my designs and how stressed out I was about not knowing what I wanted to do. She started to tell me all about her brother, who is a UX designer, and how he was so similar to me with my designs and love for art. As she told me more about the job and the open working environment I thought that it would be perfect for me. I contacted her brother and started doing some research about what a UX designer really is. As I continued to research the job I fell further in love with the idea of becoming a UX designer, so I quickly found the perfect school for me, General Assembly, and signed right up.

Why do I think I can become a millionaire?

The person who came up with the idea of the pool noodle is a millionaire. The designer of such a simple game, Flappy Bird, is a millionaire. There’s people who post videos on YouTube of them continuously dying in a video game and they make millions off the advertisements alone. If designs and videos as simple as that can make them rich then I don’t see why anyone can’t be rich, especially someone who is very creative like me.

So why do I want to be a millionaire?

I want to be a millionaire because I believe my family deserves everything and I want to be the one to give it to them. Since I was young they pushed me to work harder, standing behind me every step of the way. They raised me right and worked hard their entire life so my little brother, sister, and I, can go on beautiful vacations, play on numerous sport teams and get a good education. My parents are extremely hard workers and have been their entire life. My mom has to work many different jobs at a time and balance the task of keeping the house in order. My dad has been working very hard, day and night, since he was 14. During all that hard work they raised three smart, manner able children. It’s my time to pay them back and give them what they deserve, so I will work hard everyday until I have. I promised my parents a beautiful house in Hawaii and I don’t go down on my promises.

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