Response to Heath von Ocelot’s rejoinder
Tom Westland

Pretty Ordinary Tom

Australia’s immigration intake was increased by stealth under the Howard Government, then continued by the Rudd/Gillard/Abbott/Turnbull Governments.
 The population growth just papered over our failure to grow our economy which on a per capita basis is about ZERO and with the failure to provide infrastructure for that growth why should Australia continue to grow population at 1.9% per annum?
Now if we are continue down this path which apparently the rentiers demand, what policies are there in place to deal with the doubling of Australia’s population?


What new policies are there to make housing affordable?

When to date every policy from negative gearing to urban containment to First Home Owners schemes to address affordability has failed spectacularly so where are the policies to fix this?


With 3.5 hectares of very ordinary arable land per person in Australia how will feed a population twice than today’s in face of desertification, salt incursion, lowering of water tables and top soil erosion?


How do you propose Australia is to fund the truly jaw dropping sums of money needed to pay for new and replacement of ageing infrastructure such as the schools, universities, hospitals, roads, bridges, roads, water 
 and sewer reticulation required for a “Big” Australia.


Complicate this with the impact of climate change and reliance of the finite resource.

With inequality ramping up and given we pay our way in world by selling our natural resources how will the incumbents benefit by having a rate of migration triple the rates prior to 2003.


Can you tell us ordinary Australians how we can grow as the “Big” Australia rentier promoters want us to and not further diminish our quality of life?

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