So This Is What It Feels Like To Be Dumped After Nearly 20 Years
Jeremy Helligar

As a former banking call center CSR…I get why you’re frustrated. But some of this stuff I can kind of shed some light on…

Yes, I can take your call Monday, have a new card printed and overnighted Tuesday, and get it anywhere in the world by Wed or Thursday. But once it gets to the country, I can’t control customs or last mile shipping. And if customs is slow, it may take 7-10 days. If you’re hopping around with no set address, I can’t get it to you at all (though I may be able to Visa 911 you some cash from your account). Also, good luck getting it at all in Argentina…their customs agents love to destroy mailed in American credit and debit cards (some weird 1974 law).

Also, sorry, I need additional verifiers. 2 normal ones and two weird ones. I hate it too…but I’ve also learned the people who complain hardest about that are also the same people who hit the roof about everything. Ask if it’s possible to put a verbal password on the account instead of having to do all that extra verification. If you forget that password, though, you probably have to verify in person to get any info.

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