Did you know that in 2017, after marijuana was legalized in California, an artist/prankster climbed up to the sign, at night, in the rain and altered the world famous sign from Hollywood to Hollyweed, thus causing an international news story and creating a psychological disruption for the business as usual residents of Los Angeles. We aim to disrupt business as usual with the Hollyweed Film Festival. You know the drill, submit your film, pay the fee and never hear back from whatever festival you entered. Or, get selected and the people you’re hoping would maybe give you a deal, don’t show. Believe me, I know and have been there myself. Hollyweed is different because ALL SUBMISSIONS will be linked on our website https://hollyweedfilmfestival.com/ as well as having a limited selection screened at The Complex in Hollywood on 9/29/19. This is important because we will provide a place where viewers and industry professionals can view your creations 24/7. So the more eyes, especially those in the film industry, you have seeing your film the better your odds are of getting a deal. You’ll also be able to link our website to any of your promotions. So if this sounds like a good fit for your project check us out and submit.