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I am a 72 yo on Social Security. I am also in medicaid. In order to renew my medicaid for another year I had to have:

  1. My Social Security number
  2. A bank statement for the previous month
  3. A three page government form filled in
  4. Two trips down town to deliver it to the government agency.

To vote I have to show up at the polls and claim to be (hopefully) me. I have a drivers license and if I didn’t, I could take a bus to the Motor Vehicle Office and get one for a charge of about $2. If I couldn’t, the state would provide me with one delivered to my door. I can’t understand how anyone who could get to the polls could not have identification. This is a blatant attempt to leave us open to voter fraud. Acorn has already been charged with voter fraud and I expect more with a criminal running for president.

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