My Father-in-Law received a new weather station for Christmas. He was excited. It could track wind speed, indoor and outdoor humidity and more.

He liked that it had an app because he could see weather stats at his house from anywhere.

He’d been having issues all day. He would login and the screen would spin and spin. Then an error message would pop up with HTML and server messages. After trying on and off all afternoon, he was beyond frustrated.

He asked if I could take a look as soon as we arrived for Christmas dinner. …

Here’s my philosophy on content creation. Also how to add value to demonstrate thought leadership in your space — B2B or B2C.

There are two ways you can create “content” to support a business or your career. The first revolves around low-cost ways individuals can produce content for themselves and their company

Be a curator or…

If you’re keeping up on the news in your vertical via newsletters or reading, share them via your LinkedIn posts and Twitter updates. Don’t just post the link. Tell people why you’re sharing it specifically.

Quick and from you or your brand. Why you’re sharing and what’s the…

Keith Boswell

Chief Digital Accelerator at Perceptint. Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations Consultant, Entrepreneur, Husband, & Father. The Idea Factory is open.

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