Second Job?

In today’s political climate there have been lots of crazy things going on in the world in general. Almost every time we turn on the news, there’s some form of shocking events that have taken place in the past 24 hours. Even when we go on social media, we see even more news stories that may not have made it to the national news channels yet. I think citizen journalists are extremely responsible, and in my opinion, often times do more than news channels should be doing. It seems as though social media apps like Instagram, twitter, or Snapchat are the new news channels. People have their own beliefs on why they feel like certain stories don’t make it to national news stations so they feel it’s their responsibility to shed light on and spread awareness about certain issues in our world.

Citizen journalists, in my opinion, don’t necessarily need special training to shed light on important topics. The first step to solving a problem is pointing out the problem. These citizen journalists go out of their way to make these problems known to those that are blind to them. Think about it, if a story isn’t in the news then how likely are you to know about it? You’ll probably never really hear about it. Especially now, in a generation where technology and social media is so widely used and relied on, it just makes sense that we use social media as a platform to spread awareness. Recently, on social media, there have been posts going around about missing African American & Hispanic girls in the D.C. area. Before hearing about this on Instagram, I had no idea this was going on. There’s absolutely no media coverage on any national news channels. But these “citizen journalists” are bringing to light a serious problem just by making posts and educating people on the Internet. Hopefully soon, this information will actually make it to the actual news channel; and when it does, we should all thank these “citizen journalists.”

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