Are You Meant For More in Life

Live in Love and Follow Your True Path in Life

Do you ever feel that you were meant for something more?

Maybe in your heart you feel that something is missing, a void that really makes you think, Am I doing what I was created to do?

I believe that we were all created by God (a Divine force) and with that creation came a purpose. Not not a purpose but a True Life Purpose. Some people never find their purpose and just walked dazed and confused through life. But if you are here then you might be hearing the call that you need to Wake Up! I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it is a good thing. Why waste life when you can feel truly and fully fulfilled in every way.

Everyone’s true purpose in life is hard coded inside of them. With all the noise that we have in our world it can be very hard to hear it. I will show you how I found a way to uncover what it is you are meant to do.

How To Uncover Your True Purpose In Life

First thing you need to do is be able to relax and shut down the noise in life that is happening all around you. I like to take time for myself in the morning and evening. I will just take 10–15 minutes sometimes 30 to just exist. I know, you are saying, but Keith there is so much going on, I have to do this, and that and I have this and that going on. All of that does not matter at this moment in time. Find the time, you will be glad you did.

Here is a simple but easy process you can follow to help relax and shut down all the noise.

Five Steps To Fully Relaxing and Focusing on Yourself

Step 1 — Get in a comfortable position

You can choose to lay down or sit in a comfortable chair.

Step 2 — Breathe in deeply through your nose for 7 seconds

Step 3 — Hold it for 7 seconds

Step 4 — Breathe out through you mouth for 7 seconds

Step 5 — Focus your attention on your breath

Just focus on that and feel yourself relaxing. As you breathe out just feel all of the stress leaving your body and going away from you. If a thought comes up about your day or anything, just refocus on your breath.

Tapping Into Your Internal Life Guide

We all have an internal guide that keeps us on track. Just think about it. You don’t think about breathing or doing most of the things your body does on it’s own day in and day out. That same internal system, you subconscious mind, is where the truth is stored about your life purpose.

Using Your Internal Guide to Reveal Your Life Purpose

Once you get relaxed thoughts will start to flow in your mind, just let it happen. Just go with it and do not attach anything to what you see or feel. When you are done with your time, get a journal out and write down everything that you saw, felt, heard, anything that came to you during that time.

Over time your subconscious self will start to reveal to you what you are looking for. Once you learn how to relax, then you can start asking questions. (Don’t be scared, but you will get answers.) If you want to know your purpose, all you have to do is say, What is my purpose? Then do your session and start to write down what you get back.

Things may be confusing at first, write them all down. It will all make sense eventually. But, don’t worry if you don’t hear anything immediately, sometimes we just need to relax and let things go before we are truly open to hearing what our calling is. Never stress about this, just go with the flow and enjoy it.

I wish you a peaceful journey to finding your true self. If you would like a more detailed approach, feel free to see my site at Find True Self.