All YOU HAVE IS TIME!!! ⌛️⌛️⌛️
Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey Gary,

You’re 100% right. I’m 45. I’ll be 46 in August. I’ve been working hard and will keep working hard. For as long as I live.

At my age one questions you get A LOT is when are you going to slow down, and what about retirement? Retirement!

My plan is to never really fully retire, nut to push and work, and keep going for as long as I am able to do so. Keep your four hour work week.

That’s right. While you’re sitting by the pool, out clubing with your friends, drinking cocktails at the beach on the weekends, I’m working my butt off leaving you younger guys in my dust.

There exists now greater opportunities today, than when I was your age.

Don’t get me wrong. Have fun by all means. But. There is plenty of time for that and doing you. Get up off your butts and do something.

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