Removing A Lot of Old Data (But Keeping Some Recent)

  1. Create a new table exactly like the first one
  2. Set ownership/privileges on the new table to match the old table
  3. Have the old table INHERIT the new table
  4. Swap old and new table names
  5. Move the data you want to keep from the old table to the new one
  6. Drop the old table
CREATE TABLE public.notifications_new (LIKE public.notifications INCLUDING ALL);

ALTER TABLE public.notifications_new OWNER TO sysadmin;

GRANT select ON public.notifications_new TO read_only
GRANT select, insert, update, delete ON public.notifications TO app_user;
GRANT all ON public.notifications TO admin;

ALTER TABLE public.notifications INHERIT public.notifications_new;

LOCK TABLE public.notifications_new IN ACCESS EXCLUSIVE MODE;
ALTER TABLE public.notifications RENAME TO notifications_old;
ALTER TABLE public.notifications_new RENAME TO notifications;

COMMIT; (or ROLLBACK; if there's a problem)
WITH row_batch AS (
SELECT id FROM public.notifications_old WHERE updated_at >= '2016-10-18 00:00:00'::timestamp LIMIT 20000 ),
delete_rows AS (
DELETE FROM public.notifications_old o USING row_batch b WHERE = RETURNING, account_id, created_at, updated_at, resource_id, notifier_id, notifier_type)
INSERT INTO public.notifications SELECT * FROM delete_rows;




Database Admin w/ OmniTI & Player of Way Too Many Video Games

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Keith Fiske

Keith Fiske

Database Admin w/ OmniTI & Player of Way Too Many Video Games

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