On Luck & Serendipity
Scott Belsky

Love this Scott. I too have my number (46).

But what I found most interesting about the article is that not once did you mention God or religion. So much of your rationale here about using the number as that safety net, as that bridge across the chasm of uncertainty, I kept thinking about how many people turn to God and religion in this search for certainty and a sense of peace in our decision making.

I have often thought about this plugging of the abyss of uncertainty in one’s life with religion. I personally am not religious (despite growing up in a fairly traditional Jewish household in South Africa, and then Australia)- I think I was too curious and too empirical to accept blind leaps of faith. Without a legitimate answer to my regression of ‘why’ questions, I found it difficult to “just accept” things. But there are millions, nay billions, of others that fill any empty spaces in their jar of uncertainty with God and religion. My interpretation of your post is that a lucky number is another manifestation of this, another lighthouse that we gravitate towards as it shines stability and familiar across a dark sea of uncertainty.

It might have been very intentional of you to stay away from religion in a post like this but I’d be interested in your thoughts as to whether you see this parallel as I do?

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