No, You Did Not Ask, But Here is the Shortest Weight Loss, Weight Control, Long-Life Program You Will Ever Read (and the longest blog heading)

Keith Frohreich
Oct 16 · 1 min read

· Don’t smoke, or allow smoking, except while barbecuing.

· Drink alcohol moderately. Purge regularly with water.

· Honor your family’s medical history and don’t allow history to repeat itself.

· Know your doctor’s name and get physical with her/him once a year.

· Marry, or at least find a companion. Odds are you will live longer and it won’t just seem that way.

· Eat what you like or are allowed to eat, moderately. It is really about calorie-counting, with a gander at the four food groups.

· Exercise more than moderately. Ultimately, there is more pain if you gain.

· Eat slowly. Driving slower wouldn’t hurt either.

· Do not allow age to slow you down. Metabolic changes can metastasize you.

· Consume massive quantities of brain food. A mind is a terrible thing to waste away.

· Nurture friendships, the more the better.

· Wash your hands, a lot.

· Good guys/gals volunteer. It is good to get outside yourself.

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