Where Did I Take a Left Turn to Get Here?

Ever have those moments or even a moment when you ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Maybe it has something to do with age or perspective or probably both but I find myself asking that very question more often lately.

It could be things like my love for craft beers. Perhaps that came from a time in college where Milwaukee Beast was the staple and Coors Light the premium. Now I believe I am a full blown Beer Snob and would detour to wine if the best crafts weren’t available rather than drink the Champagne of Beers.

How about swimming pools? When I was young I would swim in pools, lakes, rivers, you name it. Now, I guess I turned into “germaphob” and won’t even go in. Or after working out I douse myself in hand sanitizer. Doesn’t seem normal.

My wife and I put on our “big boy grandparent pants” this weekend and decided to watch 2 of our grandchildren (ages 4 & 3) overnight. Not sure why we thought we had the energy but we got a beat down in a good way. Where did our energy go?

Went to a wedding last weekend and remember a time when I could dance or at least thought I could. Of course maybe that was alcohol influenced in some way. Anyhow, as I am busting a move I realize I actually stink at dancing. When did that happen?

Now I find myself this morning prepping for my fantasy football teams, enjoying a good breakfast and getting ready for a workout. Now I realize I am more in my element……..


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