Home sweet psych ward
Rachel Drane

Well I sure would like to get away and do all the things you did in West Philly: “I dyed my hair purple, I went on a road trip to visit family, I went to concerts, I danced, I listened to/played music, I went to watercolor workshops, I started dating, I started playing DnD, I started writing, I went to drag shows, I did a boudoir photo shoot, I got the tattoo I’ve always wanted, I joined a Slavic women’s choir, I started teaching beer yoga, and I’m thinking about starting Muay Thai next month.”

I just have no IDEA where one would get the TIME and MONEY to do those things. See, most of us have these shitty jobs we hate (being 54, I have one of those) in which we are stuck because no one would hire us at that age. They eat our soul and sap our will to live (at least mine) but the goddamn bills have to be paid y’know. And so you know, I’m bipolar2 with GAD and PTSD. I’ve had 30 psychologists, been on over 30 medications but never did a day inpatient. I have no living family to fall back on. Yes, I’d love to break the surly bonds of work and responsibility and run laughing through the daffodils but, shit, back to that whole time and money thing. Well, goodie for you. Think of the rest of us on your happier days.

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