How Notorious BIG Can teach you to Win the Day!

In life the secret to success and Happiness is that Ultimately there is no secret at all as much as it is a choice. The best way to ensure that you Win the Day is to choose to Win the Day from the moment that first cup of coffee hits your lips. I know, most experts will tell you right when you wake up do something to put a smile on your face and choose to have a great day right there and then.

I have read over 500 books and listened to countless podcasts and inspirational speakers in the past 5 years….and Yes, even the Win it Minute guy wakes up a little groggy and un-optimistic from time to time. However, I have actually trained my brain to react to a sip of coffee like the caffeinated drug it is. Coffee time for me is the most exciting and fruitful time of the day! I get up extra early no matter where I am and consume 2–3 cups of Joe while pouring through inspirational articles or blogs on the web. By preparing myself with a bevy of learning experiences and that quiet time by the time the day hits me….I already feel equipped to take it on regardless of what comes my way.

Whether it is simply the caffeine stimulant flowing through my blood or it is truly the belief I have that when I get my morning coffee I activate happiness and that positive mindset trigger. You see…..When you believe something, you start to notice it through your subconscious so much more and you start to see it everywhere. Tony Robbins calls it Recticular activation. We recently started researching and looking to buy a Minivan….I know how exciting………but the strange thing is I started seeing Mini-Vans everywhere. In parking lots, at the grocery store, on the freeway…….I started thinking oh boy Mini-Van popularity must have really exploded recently because they are all over the place… must be a hot trend and thus I will be cool driving one. Well, that may or may not be the case but the point is once I triggered the thought of Mini-Vans in my subconscious I started noticing them more and more. They were always there as I Flew by them on the freeway or in parking lots, I just didn’t take notice of them because they were not on my brains radar as much. Once you trigger something in your brain it takes notice of it all around you. Thus, if you trigger positive thoughts out of the gate in the morning you will notice more positive things throughout your entire day.

If you do this you can live the life of the lyrical genius Christopher Wallace when he once said: “Damn Right I like the Life I live, Cause I went from negative to Positive”- AKA Notorious BIG

Successful People in life know each day has challenges but they are ready for them and overcome those challenges and turn them into opportunities by arming themselves with a great attitude right out of the gate. You have no choice but to be positive as there is no need to be bothered by the world. Unsuccessful people let the world and it’s problems bother them continuously, every little obstacle or hiccup during the day throws them off. Do you have the co-worker or friend that right out of the gate when speaking to you tells you about how brutal their drive was, or the line at Starbucks was out of control……….they are letting natural and beautiful life opportunities turn into negative moments and turning their day in the wrong direction. Once you get moving in that direction it’s harder to shift gears mid day then it is to move in a positive direction from that first sip of coffee till your head hits the pillow at night.

Psychologists have proven that you move to the strongest impression in your mind. If you are thinking about all the little bumps and obstacles you will view people and your day in a negative fashion. You are in total 100% control of your thoughts and your mind….and your thoughts determine your actions, which determines your habits, which determines who you essentially are.

Thus, if you choose to think positively and have that mindset triggered over your morning cup of Coffee when you do encounter your first obstacle of the day….and that obstacle will come you will be ready to not let it bother you and if you do find it affecting your mindset just rap to yourself:

“Damn Right I like the life I live, because I went from Negative to Positive”

“You know very well who you are
Don’t let ’em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, but not that many
Cause you’re the only one, I’ll give you good and plenty”

Always puts a Smile on my Face. Win the Day and make it an amazing Day!

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