How this amazing Mindset change can help you be a Hero today!

“If We can Control Our Interpretaion, We Can Control Our World”…..A Simple statement yet one I have been obsessed with breaking down over the past few weeks. Because of Social Media we are being bombarded by an excess of emotion from other people. You may not realize it but before you arrive at work you are now feeling hundreds of your closest….um “Friends” emotions from you favorite Social Media feeds and by the looks of it they are not all inspiring you to be a better person.

Social Media can be excess noise that alters your mental make-up on any given day. We are becoming too reliant on others for our own happiness and confidence that affects our personal growth. Happiness is an inner dialog that can only come from within but we are slowly teaching our society it comes from others. The most popular sites on the internet are one’s that promote ranting or raving about things. Even watching TV it is all about Arguing, ESPN used to be my favorite spot to catch up on Sports. Now, in the mornings you cannot watch it or listen to it on the radio without some hyper debate breaking out and two people taking diametrically opposed stances on trivial matters just to generate drama and debate.

It is bleeding over into everyday society. At restaurants, stores, coffee shops, people are in such hurries to argue with one another or point out problems at every step of the way. When I first meet up with people, it seems the first five minutes are spent discussing everyone’s grievance with their day. That is how our society has been trained to interact with people, despite living in the greatest time in history we focus so much on the little wrongs we perceive and turn those perceptions into a giant reality of a horrible world.

You are in complete control of your perceptions and how you want your day to go. How many times do you focus on some small wrong you perceive a friend, family member, or co-worker has done to you. Jim at work tried to put me down in front of everyone by disputing my idea during todays meeting? Well, maybe Jim just had a different perspective and wasn’t actually trying to undermine you and get you fired?

In Every Situation in life for any drama to remain their needs to be 1 of 3 Roles fulfilled. There are only 3 that can take place for a drama to ensue. There is a Victim, a Villain, and a Hero. You must chose one of those three roles to take when entering into a discussions with people. Which role do you want to take on? If you chose to take on the Hero you will inevitably squash and Win every single drama either minor or large you encounter on a daily basis. Suzie did a Chat and Cut in front of you at Starbucks today……YOu can either confront her or complement her later at her great strategy and put smiles on both your faces yet accomplishing your goal of being the hero and letting her know you saw her infraction but you are not going to let it affect your day negatively.

The victim engages in destructive drama blaming others for their difficulties. They feel that they have no voice, no control and are not understood, resulting in a feeling of total unhappiness. The villain, on the other hand, appears to be uncaring and the emotions can be triggered when others fail to meet the villain’s expectations. However, if you simply choose to be the Hero you then set yourself in a mindset to Win the Day and will choose to squash the drama right then and there. It is all in how you take your perspective and choose to engage with the other person. Just try it next time you feel any form of drama or anger brewing up against others……Am I the Victim here?…..Hell No! Am I the Villain? No Way……Am I the Hero????? I sure will be. As Bill Shakespeare best said it…….”There is nothing Good or Bad in this world, But our Thinking makes Good and Bad So”.

Thus, You can choose to be the Hero in any situation and you Will surely Win the Day! So get out there try this little mindset shift today…….and Let me know how you Win the Day the Hero Way!!! Get out there and have an amazing Day!

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